Practical Sustainability

In a world where the norm is increasingly becoming one of “just buy a new one because we do not support the previous model any more”, the biggest winners are those manufacturers that are designing products that are “engineered-to-fail”.  Others have a strategy of “planned obsolescence” for some of their product ranges.

In a first world country where the social structure is suitably developed and funded, the end user is enabled support these strategies, but it is simply not sustainable when you look at the bigger picture.

We often come across examples of the above, and although the easy option would be to simply follow the path dictated by these corporations and replace with new, we are keen and capable of breathing another life into a product, never compromising on the health and safety aspects related to the product.

These products are not only those used in the aged- and health care industry, but others covering any industry where the above mentioned strategies are in play.